The Wolfington Group. 

The origins of Harry Wolfington's family and the auto business date back to horse-drawn carriages hand-built by Alex Wolfington. In 1999, The Wolfington Group was launched and Harry assembled a team of colleages and outsourced direct marketing to provide onsite event sales.


The definitive element of this venture was to not only increase sales volume for dealers, but to also include new vehicle sales while maintaining or enhancing CSI during these events. As demand and the volume of business increased, all processes were taken in-house and the success of one team has grown to a multiple teams working nationwide.

Our goal at the Wolfington Group is to provide unparalleled training and support to our dealers. We have grown to provide varied levels of support with a full menu of services, ranging from the basic direct mail to our fully staffed sales events. The focus of the Wolfington Group has never and will never change; we work with our clients as a team to produce sales and results while keeping their customers satisfied.

At The Wolfington Group, we pride ourselves on the ongoing relationships we build with our dealers. We will work together to continue to ensure that your business goals are successfully meant, and we will help you overcome any obstacles along the way.

For nearly 20 years, The Wolfington Group has been committed to strengthening local communities through over $1 million in contributions.