Direct Mail:

Voted as “Best of the Best” – Direct Mail at N.A.D.A. by Auto Success magazine for 3 consecutive years! Whether its Dealer data, Title data, Credit filtered or income and demographic data we have the experience and archived response rates to reach your target audience. We produce in-house and deliver your mail to the proper facility on-time for maximum effectiveness. Every piece uniquely coded and all deliveries tracked.


Direct Mail Coached:

The Coached Event is run by your staff with the assistance of a two member team from The Wolfington Group. Our team will integrate with yours to work as one: emphasis is on initial greeting and profiling. as well as our on-site sales manager finalizing all deals with your sales desk. All showroom traffic is accounted for and archived for future use and campaigns. Our team will enhance communication and effectiveness at point of contact and seamlessly integrate activities between prospect, sales representative and desk management.


Direct Mail Staffed Events:

It’s how we built this company and at the end of the day, the single biggest impact you can deliver to your organization. The Staffed Event will inject activity, energy and focused effort to your organization.  Along the way, you’ll move the sales curve forward, create a revenue boost and gain market-share. You will find our teams to be professional, experienced, courteous and user-friendly to your staff and clients.


Call Center:

The industry standard.  All of our CSR’S are supported and coached with objectives and standards in place.  Our “show” ratio of pre-scheduled appointments is over 70%.  We capture 54% usable email addresses and 95% phone numbers.  Even better, every campaign is archived and you have lifetime access to this data.  You can also import customer data direct to your crm.

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