Direct Mail Coached:

The Coached Event is run by your staff with the assistance of a two member team from The Wolfington Group. Our team will integrate with yours to work as one: emphasis is on initial greeting and profiling. as well as our on-site sales manager finalizing all deals with your sales desk. All showroom traffic is accounted for and archived for future use and campaigns. Our team will enhance communication and effectiveness at point of contact and seamlessly integrate activities between prospect, sales representative and desk management.

Direct Mail Staffed Events:

It’s how we built this company and at the end of the day, the single biggest impact you can deliver to your organization. The Staffed Event will inject activity, energy and focused effort to your organization.  Along the way, you’ll move the sales curve forward, create a revenue boost and gain market-share. You will find our teams to be professional, experienced, courteous and user-friendly to your staff and clients.




“Team Effort”

"I have just completed a three day event which included 14″ of snow. The entire group, including Harry, helped me move and plow my entire lot until 10:00pm Friday. Despite this, they were still able to generate half of the gross that I did for the entire month of December last year. To me this illustrates a “Team Effort” with take home value results."

— Chevrolet Dealership, NC


“Industry's top professionals”

"You have the added benefit of having some of the industry’s top professionals in your store willing to help train your staff… It’s directly led us to sell more cars and gross more money year-round."

— Chevrolet Dealership, ME


“Becomes your partner in sales”

"The Wolfington Group becomes your partner in sales, enjoys your success and creates an environment that promotes and ensures success for both parties always keeping your best interest in mind."

— Chevrolet Dealership, NY

“Success for all!”

"We appreciate your sincerity, Professionalism, Energy, Respect for our Customers and our Staff…… and of course our Success for all!"

— Chevrolet Dealership, AR


“There was no comparison”

"The Wolfington Group is the most professional and reputable company out there. We have used other groups in the past and there was no comparison."

— Chevrolet Dealership, IL


“Highly recommend them”

"I have never partnered with a more professional and personal company than the Wolfington Group. I highly recommend them to any dealership that wants to sell lots of cars, make a lot of friends and make lots of money."

— Honda-Nissan-VW-Hyundai Dealership, HI


“Most professional groups I have ever worked with”

"Two reasons we have partnered with this company is one, because they have some of the most responsive mail pieces I have ever seen. The other is that they are one of the most professional groups I have ever worked with."

— Chevrolet Dealership, NC

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